Episode 2 – Henry Kim on Fatherhood and Marriage

henry kim guest

In Episode 2, Natalie interviews her father, Henry Kim, on his unique and hilarious views of fatherhood and family.

Henry Kim

Father, Husband, Semi-Professional Dancer

In this episode, Natalie sits down with her first podcast guest, Henry Kim. They candidly discuss his views on fatherhood and family, and we quickly learn that a big heart and lots of laughter may just be the key to happiness in this life. Well, that, and stealing the occasional birthday cake from a winner in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants category.

He also shares stories about the birth of his two children and his proposal to his wife, Christine. The podcast wraps up with a Q&A on technology (i.e. what is poking on Facebook?). The life lessons he imparts are to work hard and be nice but also to regularly embarrass your loved ones and not take yourself too seriously. Not to be missed.

This episode is dedicated to Christine, the best car driver and the moral compass of our family.

Episode 1 – Natalie Kim on Launching PersoNatalie

Hostess Natalie

In the pilot episode, Natalie introduces PersoNatalie and explains the goals for the podcast. She shares some inspiration for the podcast and funny anecdotes about her life. 

Natalie Kim – Pilot Episode

PersoNatalie Podcast Host & Creator

Welcome to the podcast! In this pilot episode, I’ll introduce myself, the impetus behind the PersoNatalie podcast (see what I did there? Personatalie…personality?), and what listeners can expect on a weekly basis. I look forward to interviewing dynamic, inspirational, and unique guests on this podcast in an effort to capture daily lives and also tease out the life lessons, funny stories, and personal values that each interviewee carries.

Everyone has a unique perspective to share and this podcast will memorialize that for both the interviewee’s personal network and for the larger world to enjoy. Think “Humans of New York” in podcast form.

This special episode is dedicated to Omma, Abba, and JHK.