Episode 4 – Jon Brack on Life as a Freelance Photojournalist

Jon Brack

Jon Brack shares epic stories of being a photojournalist and his travels around Antarctica, Hawai’i, Nepal, and more. Get inspired and listen to our generation’s Ansel Adams.

Jon Brack


Meet Jon Brack and get ready to be inspired. Jon is a freelance photojournalist that decided to follow his passion to explore the world, capturing moments with a click of a button. Jon has traveled to Antarctica, Hawai’i, and Nepal, to name a few and has been on assignment for esteemed organizations including National Geographic and Project Hope.

Jon discovered photography at a young age and worked tirelessly (starting as a cook for 60 people in Antarctica) to turn his hobby into a full-time profession. Jon’s take on life is refreshing and humbling, and provides a daily dose of remembering to keep taking steps in the direction of your dreams. Listen to this episode and get prepared to be wowed.

To see Jon’s photography, check out his website jonbrack.com.
Or follow Jon on Instagram at @brackjon.

This awesome episode is dedicated to Pete Souza.

Episode 3 – Pooja Viswanath on Friendship


Everyone needs a good friend in life. Someone that supports and loves you unconditionally; yet will also make you live up to your full potential. Enter Stage Right Pooja.

Pooja Viswanath

Lawyer, Friend, Partner in Crime

In this episode, Natalie sits down with best friend and partner in crime, Pooja Viswanath. Pooja hails from Houston, Texas, where she cultivated her love for Haribo gummy snacks and developed her skills as “Poogle”. Listen to the podcast to find out about her nickname.

In addition, Pooja and Natalie candidly discuss how awesome they are and how the world is pretty much a better place solely because of their existence. If you haven’t met either of these two women yet, you’re missing out. So, buckle up for a good ride.
*Mic Drop*

Mindy Kaling, this podcast is dedicated to you.