Episode 8 – Melissa Gillman – Actress and Mother of Three


Melissa Gillman shares her views on juggling her career as an actress and serving as a mother to three rambunctious boys. Listen as she opens up about her story and share her amazing life journey.

Melissa Gillman

Actress and Mother of Three

Melissa Gillman shares her life of growing up in show business – being a ballet dancer, having her hands insured by Lloyd of London, and acting on TV and in the theater. She also candidly shares the joys and struggles of raising three boys (along with other unexpected life experiences). Listen to what life was like for a working mother then and learn from Melissa’s experiences.

Episode 7 – Kirsten Ahrendt on CrossFit, Health, and Life

Kirsten Ahrendt

Kirsten Ahrendt discusses her experience as a CrossFit coach and share her life philosophy on pushing yourself to that excitingly uncomfortable place.

Kirsten Ahrendt

CrossFit Coach, Athlete Extraordinaire, and Life Inspiration

Kirsten Ahrendt is all about pushing yourself to the limits and loving life. Listen to her experiences as a CrossFit coach and her amazing athletic endeavors. In this episode, Kirsten also shares some health and food tips and also opens up on how she practices what she preaches. Kirsten is a wonderful person with an unparalleled discipline and even bigger heart. Tune in and then get ready to lace up those sneakers and hit the gym!

This inspiring episode is dedicated to Diane Fu.

Episode 6 – Firoz Shah Reflects on His Life


Firoz Shah, father of Yuki-Kondo Shah, shares his amazing life journey that has taken him from Bangaladesh to the United States. Listen to his belief that “we must work together to save the planet.”

Firoz Shah

Human Extraordinaire

Firoz Shah is a hilarious and touching man who hails from Bangladesh. Firoz shares stories from his childhood, the fortuitous occasion of meeting his wife on a train, the strong influence of his father and mother, and life as the father to Yuki. In the episode, Firoz talks about TUI (talking under the influence) and tips on being polite but firm. Listen as he imparts wisdom to his daughter, his son-in-law, and the next generation.

This special episode is dedicated to the Dalai Lama.