Episode 12 – Steven Davis Walks Down Memory Lane


Steven Davis takes a stroll down memory lane on PersoNatalie. Hear all about his life as a class clown, his life as a “jovial hedonist,” and his thoughts on karma. Prepare for some big laughs as Steven discusses his hilarious childhood, his favorite Halloween costumes, and his wonderfully unique pet peeves.

Steven Davis

Pioneer of Luxuriating

Steven Davis was that friend who was always a delightfully mischievous jokester. He now “luxuriates” and knows how to be a “jovial hedonist”. Steven also believes in karma and generosity. Most importantly, he believes that his mother has the best character, which he defines as who you are when no one is looking. Let’s look to hear what else he has to say.

This episode is dedicated to Howard Stern.

Episode 11 – Jenny Xi Timmer on Confidence and Family


Jenny Xi Timmer embodies confidence in a great way and has had interesting path to get her there. She was born in Beijing, struggled when she moved to the U.S. as a young child, tried to find her voice in college, and today is a big time attorney in DC where she resides with her husband, two cats, and baby daughter (who is still in her womb!). Listen as two friends discuss the topic of confidence for women and the importance of family in the modern age.

Jenny Xi

Lawyer and Creator of Hashcats

Jenny Xi Timmer embodies confidence in a great way by “you just do you.” Hear all about her life path and life philosophy on “preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.” Listen as she shares memories from her funny childhood, awkward adolescence, and balanced adult life.

Find Jenny on Instagram. And follow her awesome cats at Hashcats.

This special episode is dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

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Episode 10 – David Ross on Music and maDCap


David Ross is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of maDCap, a music and cultural arts podcast that interviews interesting artists and musicians that come through DC. David also serves as the Media Manager for various musical festivals including Trillectro and the Moonrise Festival. Listen as he shares the story behind his unique journey in the creative arts field.

David Ross

Co-Founder and Executive Director of maDCap

David Ross has always had a love for the creative arts sector. He took those passions and created maDCap, a music oriented podcast that aims to disrupt the industry standard. Hear all about his journey and his stories about the crazy world of famous musicians and artists. David is on the path to getting to his dream job: media mogul. Listen to the episode to find out what this means.

Find David Ross on Twitter and Instagram. And check out maDCap’s website for a great music podcast.

This special episode is dedicated to Tina Fey.

Episode 9 – Lisa Warren Carney on Ph.D. Life and Dealing with Anxiety


Lisa Warren Carney is a Ph.D. candidate learning about Indigenous Studies, Quechua Languages, Andean Literature, and Oral narratives/Ethnopoetics. You’d never know she has dealt with anxiety all her life. Listen as she shares her honest story and how she is conquering life as she wraps up her Ph.D. program.

Lisa Warren Carney

Ph.D. Candidate

Lisa Warren Carney started off in a small town in Torrington, Wyoming and now is in her final stages of her impressive Ph.D. program researching the Quechua community in Ecuador. She has spent the past summers conducting research and teaching the indigenous Quechua people. From her impressive bio, you would never know her life-long battles with anxiety. In this episode, Lisa opens up candidly about her experience and shares stories about her struggles and triumphs. Prepare to be humbled by what this girl can do.

For a video of of Lisa’s summer in Ecuador, check out this video on the indigenous people and their relationship to the forest at the field school she was working.

This special episode is dedicated to Terry Gross and Ira Glass.