Episode 18 – Ben Klein on Solo Travel, Talking to Strangers, and Harmless Mischief


Ben Klein is a master in solo traveling, connecting with strangers, and creating harmless mischief. In this podcast episode, Ben discusses his time living in Cambodia including personal lessons learned and a strong connection to his tuk-tuk driver, Polo. Ben also opens up about his ability to instantly strike up conversations with new people and his desire to engage with people (a classic extrovert on the Myers-Briggs). We also discuss Ben’s life philosophy on creating harmless mischief, a belief that started at an early age (did somebody say food fight?). As common on PersoNatalie, we learn about the role of family and Ben shares a hilarious story about his father’s fondness for a special pet rabbit named Noodle.

Ben Klein

Master of (Harmless) Mischief

Ben Klein stops by PersoNatalie for some laughs and fun insights into life, travel, and family. Get ready for some chuckles from the master of harmless mischief that include food fights, office pranks, and watermelon birthday cakes. Ben is a shining example of a thoughtful person who lives life searching for big adventure and captivating people to inspire him.

This episode is dedicated to Brandon Stanton, the brilliant mind behind Humans of New York.

Episode 17 – Steven Arrigg Koh on Career, Family Values, and Contentment


Steven Arrigg Koh is a trial attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice, law professor at Georgetown Law School, passionate musician, and CrossFitDC devotee. It’s abundantly clear that Steve is an impressive person with a bright future ahead. In this podcast episode, we go beyond Steve’s resume accomplishments to learn about his motivations, his quest for contentment, his love of the arts (and endorphins), and his ENFJ personality. Steve also opens up about his half-Lebanese and half-Korean background along his deep commitment to family values and history. Get ready to be inspired by someone who demonstrates that you can fully explore all facets of life including career, passion projects, family, and relationships.

Steven Arrigg Koh

Lawyer, Musician, and ENFJ

To learn more about Steven’s insights on The Hague, check out his Huffington Post feature. Read his impressive biography on the website of Georgetown Law School where he currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law.

This episode is dedicated to Priscilla Ahn.

Episode 16 – Wookie Kim on His Epic 45-Day Ultrarunning Roadtrip


In the summer of 2015, Wookie Kim set out on a solo 45-day road trip through 33 states. His goal was to run in as many national and state parks through the remaining U.S. states that he had never visited before. Listen as Wookie shares thrilling stories of his epic adventures from getting wildly lost to experiencing a near-death rock climb. Wookie also discusses his experiences with marathons, ultra running, and weekly 5:30am workouts with the November Project.  Hear Wookie story and get inspired to start your own adventure now.

Wookie Kim

Ultrarunner, Lawyer, and Epic Explorer

To read more about Wookie’s trip, check out his blog and feature article on Runner’s World.

This episode is dedicated to Casey Neistat.