Episode 21 – Jordan Goodman on Beatwell and Rhythm


Jordan’s mission is to help you improve health and connection through universal, simple, and time-tested practices.  He believes rhythm is an effective tool because it is our universal language. People from nearly every culture and region have used rhythm to heal and strengthen community. Through Beatwell, Jordan designs and facilitates custom, rhythm-based programs with diverse populations for team-building, therapeutic, and leadership development outcomes. Beatwell programming helps organizations work more effectively, builds community with all groups of people, and introduces a low risk, cost effective intervention in healthcare. He aims to shares the art and science of rhythm in simple, relatable, and fun ways—while creating meaningful results.

Jordan Goodman

Founder of Beatwell

Jordan is dedicated to improving health and creating connections through rhythm, a medium utilized throughout the ages as a means to achieve well-being. In addition to facilitating custom programs with targeted outcomes, Jordan trains professionals in the art and science of rhythm. As a licensed mental health professional, Jordan spends much of work drumming with children with autism and adults with schizophrenia.

Listen to Jordan’s interesting path that lead him to Beatwell including his days as a wrestler and as a rock band member. Jordan will be speaking at the Maryland Psychological Association for Graduate Students Convention on Saturday, April 9, 2016 in Columbia, MD. Check out his workshop titled, “The Art and Science of Therapeutic Drumming.” Find out more here:  http://www.marylandpsychology.org/MPAGS/convention.cfm

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This episode is dedicated to NPR interviewer Terry Gross.

Episode 20 – Max Kuecker on Religion and LGBT Issues


Max Kuecker works with pastors and lay leaders in churches and Christian organizations to help them become more inclusive and affirming of LGBT people. Max was the National Field Organizer for the Reformation Project and has also worked as a racial reconciliation trainer with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In this episode, Max opens up about his faith and how he became a supporter of LGBT rights.  Max also shares how his beliefs on LGBT issues have deeply affected his life from his vocation to his relationships.

Max Kuecker

Supporter of Christian Values and LGBT Rights

Get ready for some thought provoking conversation with Max Kuecker. This episode aims to educate listeners on the intersections of faith, gender and sexuality. Max shares his story on the a justice movement that is seeking the full affirmation and inclusion of LGBT people in the church.

Episode 19 – Kaden Chenkin on Life as an 11-Year Old


Kaden Chenkin is an 11-year old with a lot of wisdom and soul. In this special episode, Kaden talks about his life as a fifth grader (including the big differences from fourth grade) and what he hopes to be when he grows up. We also hear what Kaden has learned from his very special family that includes his mom, dad, stepdad, and great-grandparents. Kaden answers a large array of questions including “What’s the best thing about being a kid?” to “What’s the worst smell in the world?” and even “What is love?” We also learn about Kaden’s love for Star Wars, his special trip to Chichen Itza, and his volunteer work for a Senate campaign. Finally, Kaden and Natalie swap fun childhood memories and discuss the topic of courage.

Kaden Chenkin

Kid Extraordinaire

Get ready for some laughs and good lessons life lessons with young Kaden Chenkin. Though he is the youngest guest so far on PersoNatalie, Kaden may just be the wisest (and funniest!). Be prepared to be delighted by the insights and voice of a precocious youngster. This episode aims to inspire listeners to remember to keep the same energy and enthusiasm for life as they had at Kaden’s age. Most importantly, let’s all try to be as courageous as Kaden.

This episode is dedicated to actor Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Episode VII.