Episode 23 – Emily Grim Reflects Back on Life


Hummus enthusiast. Bachelorette devotee. And the wittiest emailer you’ll ever meet. Learn more about Emily’s daily life and the path that has led her to where she is today.

Emily Grim

Roommate Extraordinaire

Emily Grim is one witty and charming girl, and I would know having had the pleasure of living with her for two years. In many ways, Emily is a typical DC-gal — she spent her earlier years as a government paralegal, experimented in the online dating world, and is now a successful lawyer who is planning a wedding and enjoying her new status as a proud homeowner. But Emily’s story is unique given her battle with cancer that she faced and overcame in her early 20s.  In this episode, Emily opens up about her experience and how her past illness has shaped her today. With this podcast recording, we celebrate her being cancer-free for ten years. Emily leaves us with the importance lesson to tell others how much they are valued, appreciated, and loved.

This episode is dedicated to JoJo Fletcher who Emily admires because of her vulnerability and honesty.

Episode 22 – Dylan Soh on “When You Know, The Fear Will Go”


Meet Dylan Soh, the 13-year old sensation behind the TedxSingapore talk that has amassed over 18,000 views. In this special podcast episode, Dylan discusses his Ted talk entitled “When You know, The Fear Will Go”, his book, “The Big Red Dot.”, and the importance of trying and taking risks. This “mini-philosopher” encourages others to live up to his motto to “make the world better by just a bit.”  Get ready for some laughter and inspiration from this precocious kid.

Dylan Soh

Singapore’s Mini-Philosopher

Dylan Soh is one of Singapore’s rising stars.  He is the star of the TedxSingapore talk that has gained popularity and is entitled “When You Know, The Fear Will Go.” In this podcast, you’ll easily see why Dylan is so special as he can go from talking about existentialism to his friends’ fun school pranks. Dylan shares what his life is like as a teenager in Singapore and some of his own life philosophies including how to battle bullies. He opens up about improving the world around him and encourages people to do what they love because life is short. To listen to Dylan’s amazing TedxTalk, click here.

This episode is dedicated to Dylan’s family.