Episode 26 – Chris Bowerbank (Host of Across the Pond)


Chris Bowerbank is the modern day Jack of All Trades — he has experience hosting a podcasts about English premier league football, conducting various visual and audio creative projects, and participating in mentoring programs in DC.  Prepare for a glimpse into the life of this affable and genuine guy who shares stories about his memorable childhood in Michigan and his current exciting life in DC (that includes a healthy helping of ramen noodles).

Chris Bowerbank

Host of Across the Pond

Get ready for a personal look into the life and mind of Chris Bowerbank.  Chris shares details about hosting his podcast, Across the Pond, which is about the English premier league football.  He talks about his participation in the mentorship program through Capital Partners for Education.  And we also get personal about Chris’s childhood days, current pet peeves, and guilty pleasures.

Check out Chris’s work at chrisbowerbank.com and follow both his Twitter page @chrisbowerbank and Instagram account @chrisbowerbank.  Listen to Across the Pond (www.acrossthepond.co) and follow them on Twitter as well @ATPRadio

Chris hopes that author Dave Eggers and writer/designer Frank Chimero will listen to this podcast.  This episode is dedicated to Nancy Bowerbank, Chris’s mom.

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