Episode 27 – Erin Carney (Three-Time Ironbabe)


Erin Carney is an Ironbabe through and through.  She has completed in the grueling Ironman triathlon three times and keeps on coming back for more.  Prepare for a glimpse into the life of this inspiring girl who really espouses “carpe diem” as her life motto, whether it’s completing the Mount Everest Base Camp hike or doing the Rim to Rim to Rim hike at the Grand Canyon.  When she’s not out racing, she’s completing fun life challenges like giving away 30 balloons to strangers at an airport or brewing up mischief with one of her seven other siblings.

Erin Carney

Three-Time Ironman Extraordinaire

Get ready for some insight into the crazy life of an amateur Iron-babe with Erin Carney.  What’s an Ironman?  It’s one of the hardest races in the world that consists of 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a 26.22-mile run, in that order and without a break  Erin has completed the Ironman in Florida (2011), Lake Tahoe (2013), and Mallorca (2015).  We’ll hear about her training, her preparation, and her fun stories (hello, food stations, bathroom stations, and time-out boxes) so get inspired to push your body to the limit.  Erin also shares her 30 for 30 challenge (be Jack Bauer for a day?) and opens up about her amazing and large family (she’s the third of eight kids!).

Check out Erin’s blog where she chronicles all her exciting adventures at eecarney.com and learn about her professional services as a life coach at thisepic.life. Also, make sure to follow both her on Instagram @ecarney1.

This episode is dedicated to Joe Biden, who will one day get to go bike riding with Erin.

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  1. Great interview! We should encourage more to do triathlons. And I am looking for my time to do the 30 for 30 challenge

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