Episode 28 – Maeve Duggan (Host of “Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show”)


Maeve discusses her podcast “Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show” and the interesting intersection of women’s sports and women’s role on sports.

Maeve Duggan

Host of “Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show”

Maeve Duggan is the fresh young female voice in sports commentary that this world has been waiting for.  Maeve discusses the genesis of her podcast that focuses on sports from a woman’s perspective along with lessons learned along the way.

In this episode, Maeve also shares what she’s learned from her amazing parents, that time she volunteered to get hypnotized, and her life mantra of trying anything once and doing the things that scare you.  Maeve also answers a series of rapid fire questions about her favorite guilty pleasure, her biggest pet peeve, and what she wished she had known ten years ago.

Check out Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show at www.nybfsports.com and Twitter @NYBFsports.

This special episode is dedicated to Ann Friedman and Katie Nolan.

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