Welcome to the PersoNatalie Podcast

Interviews of awesome people sharing their personalities and telling their stories



The Podcast

Let’s talk awesome. DC-based host Natalie Kim interviews a diverse array of people to get a slice of their personal stories – what motivates them and what makes them who they are – in order to inspire thought and action in others. The interviews aim to stimulate conversations, provoke engaging debates, create laughter, and inform your world. Think “Humans of New York” in podcast form by a personality test aficionado who loves to learn about people’s resume and eulogy virtues. Listen to the stories of ordinary yet extraordinary people.

The Host

Natalie Kim was born to the royal family of Monaco who owned a caterpillar farm in the outskirts of a small farming community. They quickly realized she would be of no help in milking the caterpillars for silk as her fingers were too fat, so they put her up for adoption. She was adopted by a wonderful Korean family, and quickly began to assimilate into their culture. She even began to look like them. The rest is history. Stephen Colbert is a distant cousin of hers, and contacts her frequently for investment advice. Natalie loves to travel. But not to caterpillar farms.