Episode 28 – Maeve Duggan (Host of “Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show”)


Maeve discusses her podcast “Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show” and the interesting intersection of women’s sports and women’s role on sports.

Maeve Duggan

Host of “Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show”

Maeve Duggan is the fresh young female voice in sports commentary that this world has been waiting for.  Maeve discusses the genesis of her podcast that focuses on sports from a woman’s perspective along with lessons learned along the way.

In this episode, Maeve also shares what she’s learned from her amazing parents, that time she volunteered to get hypnotized, and her life mantra of trying anything once and doing the things that scare you.  Maeve also answers a series of rapid fire questions about her favorite guilty pleasure, her biggest pet peeve, and what she wished she had known ten years ago.

Check out Not Your Boyfriend’s Sports Show at and Twitter @NYBFsports.

This special episode is dedicated to Ann Friedman and Katie Nolan.

Episode 27 – Erin Carney (Three-Time Ironbabe)


Erin Carney is an Ironbabe through and through.  She has completed in the grueling Ironman triathlon three times and keeps on coming back for more.  Prepare for a glimpse into the life of this inspiring girl who really espouses “carpe diem” as her life motto, whether it’s completing the Mount Everest Base Camp hike or doing the Rim to Rim to Rim hike at the Grand Canyon.  When she’s not out racing, she’s completing fun life challenges like giving away 30 balloons to strangers at an airport or brewing up mischief with one of her seven other siblings.

Erin Carney

Three-Time Ironman Extraordinaire

Get ready for some insight into the crazy life of an amateur Iron-babe with Erin Carney.  What’s an Ironman?  It’s one of the hardest races in the world that consists of 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a 26.22-mile run, in that order and without a break  Erin has completed the Ironman in Florida (2011), Lake Tahoe (2013), and Mallorca (2015).  We’ll hear about her training, her preparation, and her fun stories (hello, food stations, bathroom stations, and time-out boxes) so get inspired to push your body to the limit.  Erin also shares her 30 for 30 challenge (be Jack Bauer for a day?) and opens up about her amazing and large family (she’s the third of eight kids!).

Check out Erin’s blog where she chronicles all her exciting adventures at and learn about her professional services as a life coach at Also, make sure to follow both her on Instagram @ecarney1.

This episode is dedicated to Joe Biden, who will one day get to go bike riding with Erin.

Episode 26 – Chris Bowerbank (Host of Across the Pond)


Chris Bowerbank is the modern day Jack of All Trades — he has experience hosting a podcasts about English premier league football, conducting various visual and audio creative projects, and participating in mentoring programs in DC.  Prepare for a glimpse into the life of this affable and genuine guy who shares stories about his memorable childhood in Michigan and his current exciting life in DC (that includes a healthy helping of ramen noodles).

Chris Bowerbank

Host of Across the Pond

Get ready for a personal look into the life and mind of Chris Bowerbank.  Chris shares details about hosting his podcast, Across the Pond, which is about the English premier league football.  He talks about his participation in the mentorship program through Capital Partners for Education.  And we also get personal about Chris’s childhood days, current pet peeves, and guilty pleasures.

Check out Chris’s work at and follow both his Twitter page @chrisbowerbank and Instagram account @chrisbowerbank.  Listen to Across the Pond ( and follow them on Twitter as well @ATPRadio

Chris hopes that author Dave Eggers and writer/designer Frank Chimero will listen to this podcast.  This episode is dedicated to Nancy Bowerbank, Chris’s mom.

Episode 25 – Mike Trapp on Life as a Comedian

Mike Trapp

Mike Trapp is a comedian best known for his work and writing on  Listen as Mike shares his journey to becoming a comedian and opens up about navigating the risks associated with his profession.  Get ready for some laughs as Mike talks about living a college fraternity and the crazy costumes he gets to wear for his job.

Mike Trapp


Mike Trapp is a writer for and the UCB sketch group Stone Cold Fox. He has been at the UCB Theater since 2008, studying improv and sketch. In addition to his work on Maude Night, he wrote and directed “Death Wears Stilettos: A Noir Comedy.” His sketches have also appeared in “Neil Casey’s Sentimental Irish Christmas,” and “Tremendous Machine.” Before moving to Los Angeles, Mike attended Dartmouth College, where he performed improv and sketch comedy with the group Casual Thursday, and wrote for the campus humor magazine, The Jack-O-Lantern.

Check out Mike’s work on and his hilarious Twitter page @MikeWTrapp.

This special episode is dedicated to Conan O’Brien.

Episode 24 – Johnny Timmer on Life as a Pilot

Meet the ever gracious and warm Johnny Timmer.  Johnny first served in the U.S. Air Force and then spent the majority of his career as a pilot for American Airlines.  Listen as he discusses what it’s like to fly, what’s going on in the cockpit when turbulence strikes, and what the preparation is like for every commercial flight.

Johnny Timmer

Retired Airline Pilot and Beloved Grandfather

Get an insider glimpse into life as a pilot and aviation both in the 1970s and today.  Johnny Timmer also discusses what makes his generation unique and the impact his brother has had on his views of the Vietnam War.  Speaking of family, Johnny tells us what his family teases him for and who he thinks is the most unusual person in his family.

This episode is dedicated to Al Franken.

Episode 23 – Emily Grim Reflects Back on Life


Hummus enthusiast. Bachelorette devotee. And the wittiest emailer you’ll ever meet. Learn more about Emily’s daily life and the path that has led her to where she is today.

Emily Grim

Roommate Extraordinaire

Emily Grim is one witty and charming girl, and I would know having had the pleasure of living with her for two years. In many ways, Emily is a typical DC-gal — she spent her earlier years as a government paralegal, experimented in the online dating world, and is now a successful lawyer who is planning a wedding and enjoying her new status as a proud homeowner. But Emily’s story is unique given her battle with cancer that she faced and overcame in her early 20s.  In this episode, Emily opens up about her experience and how her past illness has shaped her today. With this podcast recording, we celebrate her being cancer-free for ten years. Emily leaves us with the importance lesson to tell others how much they are valued, appreciated, and loved.

This episode is dedicated to JoJo Fletcher who Emily admires because of her vulnerability and honesty.

Episode 22 – Dylan Soh on “When You Know, The Fear Will Go”


Meet Dylan Soh, the 13-year old sensation behind the TedxSingapore talk that has amassed over 18,000 views. In this special podcast episode, Dylan discusses his Ted talk entitled “When You know, The Fear Will Go”, his book, “The Big Red Dot.”, and the importance of trying and taking risks. This “mini-philosopher” encourages others to live up to his motto to “make the world better by just a bit.”  Get ready for some laughter and inspiration from this precocious kid.

Dylan Soh

Singapore’s Mini-Philosopher

Dylan Soh is one of Singapore’s rising stars.  He is the star of the TedxSingapore talk that has gained popularity and is entitled “When You Know, The Fear Will Go.” In this podcast, you’ll easily see why Dylan is so special as he can go from talking about existentialism to his friends’ fun school pranks. Dylan shares what his life is like as a teenager in Singapore and some of his own life philosophies including how to battle bullies. He opens up about improving the world around him and encourages people to do what they love because life is short. To listen to Dylan’s amazing TedxTalk, click here.

This episode is dedicated to Dylan’s family.

Episode 21 – Jordan Goodman on Beatwell and Rhythm


Jordan’s mission is to help you improve health and connection through universal, simple, and time-tested practices.  He believes rhythm is an effective tool because it is our universal language. People from nearly every culture and region have used rhythm to heal and strengthen community. Through Beatwell, Jordan designs and facilitates custom, rhythm-based programs with diverse populations for team-building, therapeutic, and leadership development outcomes. Beatwell programming helps organizations work more effectively, builds community with all groups of people, and introduces a low risk, cost effective intervention in healthcare. He aims to shares the art and science of rhythm in simple, relatable, and fun ways—while creating meaningful results.

Jordan Goodman

Founder of Beatwell

Jordan is dedicated to improving health and creating connections through rhythm, a medium utilized throughout the ages as a means to achieve well-being. In addition to facilitating custom programs with targeted outcomes, Jordan trains professionals in the art and science of rhythm. As a licensed mental health professional, Jordan spends much of work drumming with children with autism and adults with schizophrenia.

Listen to Jordan’s interesting path that lead him to Beatwell including his days as a wrestler and as a rock band member. Jordan will be speaking at the Maryland Psychological Association for Graduate Students Convention on Saturday, April 9, 2016 in Columbia, MD. Check out his workshop titled, “The Art and Science of Therapeutic Drumming.” Find out more here:

Songwriters and musicians interested in high-end licensing placements can visit Sunstone Recordings.

This episode is dedicated to NPR interviewer Terry Gross.

Episode 20 – Max Kuecker on Religion and LGBT Issues


Max Kuecker works with pastors and lay leaders in churches and Christian organizations to help them become more inclusive and affirming of LGBT people. Max was the National Field Organizer for the Reformation Project and has also worked as a racial reconciliation trainer with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In this episode, Max opens up about his faith and how he became a supporter of LGBT rights.  Max also shares how his beliefs on LGBT issues have deeply affected his life from his vocation to his relationships.

Max Kuecker

Supporter of Christian Values and LGBT Rights

Get ready for some thought provoking conversation with Max Kuecker. This episode aims to educate listeners on the intersections of faith, gender and sexuality. Max shares his story on the a justice movement that is seeking the full affirmation and inclusion of LGBT people in the church.

Episode 19 – Kaden Chenkin on Life as an 11-Year Old


Kaden Chenkin is an 11-year old with a lot of wisdom and soul. In this special episode, Kaden talks about his life as a fifth grader (including the big differences from fourth grade) and what he hopes to be when he grows up. We also hear what Kaden has learned from his very special family that includes his mom, dad, stepdad, and great-grandparents. Kaden answers a large array of questions including “What’s the best thing about being a kid?” to “What’s the worst smell in the world?” and even “What is love?” We also learn about Kaden’s love for Star Wars, his special trip to Chichen Itza, and his volunteer work for a Senate campaign. Finally, Kaden and Natalie swap fun childhood memories and discuss the topic of courage.

Kaden Chenkin

Kid Extraordinaire

Get ready for some laughs and good lessons life lessons with young Kaden Chenkin. Though he is the youngest guest so far on PersoNatalie, Kaden may just be the wisest (and funniest!). Be prepared to be delighted by the insights and voice of a precocious youngster. This episode aims to inspire listeners to remember to keep the same energy and enthusiasm for life as they had at Kaden’s age. Most importantly, let’s all try to be as courageous as Kaden.

This episode is dedicated to actor Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Episode VII.